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The PB 7685.Set CN PickTool set includes 5 pieces with a multicraft handle for installing and removing seals, O-rings in engines, transmissions, brakes, and air-conditioning units. With 5 different tip designs, universal use for various sealing elements is ensured. Each tip is precisely machined for exceptional durability. The knurled area before the handle provides a secure grip, even in wet or oily environments, while our Multicraft handle ensures a firm grip, even with oily hands. Crafted from a special alloy based on spring steel, these tools offer exceptional elasticity and high-grade hardening for reliable performance. Each tool is laser-marked with a unique serial number, backed by a lifetime guarantee.

    Handle PickTool 75 PickTool 76 PickTool 77 PickTool 78 PickTool 79 Weight
    PB 7685.Set CN multicraft handle 3-80 3-80 3-80 3-80 3-80 190
    PB 7685.Set CN
    multicraft handle
    PickTool 75
    PickTool 76
    PickTool 77
    PickTool 78
    PickTool 79
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    PB Swiss Tools provides a lifetime warranty covering material and manufacturing defects.

    We grant a lifetime warranty for material or production defects, unless warranty duration is shortened by a country’s national regulations.

    This means that faulty pieces, which have not become unusable by abuse or natural wear and tear, will be replaced free of charge by same products or products of same value.


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    PB Swiss Tools hand tools have a serial number. As a result, all production stages down to the raw materials used can be traced back. That is the seal of approval for our unique quality.
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