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Precision Bits

The balance of outstanding toughness and hardness distinguishes PB Swiss Tools PrecisionBits.

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Precision Bits

Long service lives and color-coded

The remarkable balance of toughness and hardness in PB Swiss Tools Precision Bits sets them apart, making them suitable for a wide range of screw-driving applications. With these PrecisionBits, the need for using bits with varying degrees of hardness and coatings becomes unnecessary, simplifying inventory management.

Precisely manufactured for an impeccable fit into screws, these bits extend their service life while preserving the integrity of the screws. The color-coded system, corresponding to different screw types, enhances visibility and expedites the bit selection process, streamlining your work efficiently and precisely.

Precision Bits    
Bit Holders

Universal bit holder

Explore our diverse bit holders, catering to every application. Classic, SwissGrip, or cross-handle designs, with or without magnets for power screwdrivers – we have it all. Reliable grip, precision engineering, and seamless integration with power screwdrivers ensure efficiency.

Ergonomic handles and advanced magnetic options offer control and productivity. Embrace precision with our top-notch bit holders for outstanding results. From industrial to DIY tasks, experience the power of our meticulously designed bit holders. Trust in our expertise and elevate your workmanship with these exceptional tools.

Bit Holders    

See it in Action

Witness our tools in action through captivating videos showcasing real-life examples from diverse sectors, industries, and applications.

Effortlessly spot the right precision bits

Our modular organization system is a practical accessory for conveniently storing and transporting your Precision Bits. With their user-friendly design, these bits can be effortlessly removed and reinserted using one hand for hassle-free handling and enhanced productivity.

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