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Work with the best.

Work with the best

PB Swiss Tools offer unmatched precision and durability. Our commitment to quality has earned us the trust of specialists in 85 countries worldwide.

From the aerospace industry to medical technology, our tools and instruments are relied upon in critical environments where failure is not an option. Our family-owned company's recipe for success lies in our unwavering dedication to quality and innovation.

With our in-house production and rigorous quality control measures, we proudly offer a lifetime warranty against any material or manufacturing defects. Each tool and instrument is marked with a unique serial number, allowing complete traceability of every production step from raw material to finished product.

Investing in the Future

PB Swiss Tools is renowned for manufacturing tools of the highest quality, and this achievement is not by chance. As a family company now in its fourth generation, led by Max Baumann (CTO) and Eva Jaisli (CEO), we continuously optimize and develop new branded products each year, introducing 100 new products in the last year alone. With a range exceeding 3000 products, this constant growth is integral to our success.

From our humble beginnings in the Wasen village smithy in Emmental in 1878, producing nose rings for the taming of oxen, we have grown to employ 180 individuals in Wasen and Sumiswald, manufacturing 12 million tools and instruments annually, with over two-thirds exported worldwide.


Swiss quality uncompromised

PB Swiss Tools proudly distinguishes itself as one of the select exporting companies that designs and manufactures all of its products in Switzerland. Our unwavering dedication to excellence is strengthened by the high level of training and close collaboration with experts from renowned Swiss universities, positioning us as a leading innovator in our field.

By committing to Switzerland as an industrial center and think tank, we have fostered growth within our organization and created numerous training and employment opportunities in the border region. As a testament to our commitment, PB Swiss Tools invests 20% of its turnover annually in developing new products, ensuring our continued evolution and advancement.

PB Swiss Tools - Working on the Edge

Our promise

100% Swiss Made

Unwavering quality assured through our exclusive in-house manufacturing in Switzerland.

Lifetime Guarantee

Each individual tool is backed by an unlimited guarantee – simply refer to the serial number.

Continuous Innovation

Continuous Innovation Dedicated to progress, we reinvest 1/5 of our annual turnover into pioneering new products.

Sustainability and business excellence

We manufacture our products in compliance with sustainable development requirements: SQS register No.CH-H10762 certifications, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, and FSC® C008912. 

Customer Service

We maintain a consistently high level of quality for both our products and services on a global scale.

Social responsibility

We are committed to providing fair framework conditions for all our stakeholders.

For more information, visit us at

PB Swiss Tools Corporate