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Universal Cabinet Key

The new universal cabinet key offers perfect ergonomics and versatility for mobile use.

Finally here

We are glad to now be present in the USA. We just started with a small core portfolio which we will gradually expand over the next few months. Stay tuned for what is coming up!

Swiss Quality based on US material

The classic handle - is made out of a high performance Bioplastic which comes from the US and which makes these screwdrivers unique!

Our Promise

100% Swiss made

Unwavering quality assured through our exclusive in-house manufacturing in Switzerland.

Lifetime guarantee

Each individual tool is backed by an unlimited guarantee – simply refer to the serial number.

Continuous Innovation

Dedicated to progress, we reinvest 1/5 of our annual turnover into pioneering new products.

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Work with the best

For over a century, our unwavering commitment to precision, innovation, and reliability has defined our Swiss quality products. Since 1878, we have dedicated ourselves to developing and manufacturing exceptional tools, leaving no room for compromises.