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Precision and durability are the foundations of our success in creating high-quality screwdrivers. With a track record of millions of successful applications across industries, assembly lines, repairs, trades, crafts, and even in home and leisure settings, our screwdrivers have stood the test of time.

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The right handle for any task

Our multicraft and SwissGrip screwdrivers provide a secure grip, even in oily or wet conditions. The Classic handle offers quick turning and versatility, while the shock-resistant and oil-resistant CAB material ensures durability.

For safe work with electrical devices, we offer VDE-tested and electrostatically dissipating screwdrivers in Classic, SwissGrip, precision mechanics, or Stubby handles.


Tailored precision for every task

PB Swiss Tools provides the ideal tip for any application, whether slotted, Phillips, or Torx screws. Our tools are crafted with hard materials, exceptional precision in manufacturing, and thorough quality control, ensuring they meet the highest standards.

The parallel-slotted screwdriver tip, a Swiss specialty, goes beyond international standards (ISO, DIN). Its precise parallel form and chamfered corners exemplify genuine Swiss craftsmanship.


See it in Action

Take a look at our tools in action: the videos show examples from different sectors, industries and applications.

The Swiss quality guarantee

Outstanding quality is non-negotiable. We proudly manufacture all our brand products at our Swiss production facility, ensuring they bear the prestigious "100% Made in Switzerland" label. This commitment remains unwavering as we strive for excellence in every tool we create.

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