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Striking Tools

Our striking tools fulfill the toughest requirements and stand for safe working. The regularity in precision, hardness and toughness is a great advantage for all industrial, commercial and private applications.

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Enhanced precision and impact

Experience fuller, more precise strikes with our recoilless mallet designs. These mallets are built to withstand rigorous use and feature unique handles made from FSC®-certified hickory wood or high-grade fiberglass materials. Designed with optimal weight-to-handle dimensions, they offer superior grip and comfort compared to standard handles.

Including disks in the steel middle section enhances durability beyond what shot-filled mallets can achieve. Upon impact, the disks effectively absorb recoil, ensuring powerful and accurate blows with every strike.


Unyielding performance in demanding conditions

PB Swiss Tools chisels are built to withstand the harshest industrial, construction, and craft conditions. With exceptional hardness, these chisels ensure remarkable sharpness retention and extended service lives. Blunt blades can be re-sharpened multiple times, provided the temperature does not exceed 200°C to avoid tempering effects.

Our chisels feature rust protection: nickel-plated and chrome-plated finishes for octagonal chisels, while flat ovals boast a durable, non-slip powder coating.

Center punches and pin punches

Unparalleled durability

PB Swiss Tools center punches and parallel pin punches exemplify exceptional durability thanks to their consistent precision, hardness, and toughness. This advantage extends across industrial, commercial, and private applications.

Our parallel pin punches undergo meticulous heat treatment using specially alloyed steel, ensuring a remarkable combination of elasticity and hardness. Even under heavy loads, they deform elastically and plastically, preventing sudden breakage.

Center punches and pin punches    
Drift punches and nail sets

Uncompromising precision

Experience the highest levels of precision and comfort in your work with our extremely high-quality drift punches and nail sets. Crafted from durable, specially processed tool steel, our perfectly harmonized drift pins offer the safety you need, blow after blow.

Our drift pins, made from durable and specially processed tool steel, are perfectly harmonized to provide the safety and reliability you require with every blow. Elevate your craftsmanship with our top-tier tools, ensuring excellence in every task.

Drift punches and nail sets    

See it in Action

Witness our tools in action through captivating videos showcasing real-life examples from diverse sectors, industries, and applications.

Prioritize safety in every task

To ensure the durability and integrity of our heavy-duty tools, we exclusively utilize our proprietary special alloy, derived from spring steel. This unique composition imparts exceptional toughness and remarkable elasticity, even with high hardness values ranging from 58 to 60 HRC.

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