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Work with the best.

The Swiss Quality Guarantee

Quality pays off in the long run, and PB Swiss Tools exemplify this principle. Professionals and DIY enthusiasts are willing to invest in our tools because they want to work with the best.

Despite the trend of price-based selling, we remain steadfast in our commitment to quality. Each PB Swiss Tools hand tool is marked with a unique serial number, enabling traceability of production steps back to the raw material, a testament to our unparalleled quality.

Our screwdrivers, bits, hex key L-wrenches, and striking tools are of such exceptional quality that we provide a lifetime warranty on material or production defects, promptly replacing any faulty tools. Withstanding the toughest conditions, our tools rarely receive complaints.

Quality controls and innovative strength

To ensure the highest level of quality, our tools undergo multiple inspections throughout production. With the unique serial number on your PB Swiss Tools, such as our iconic red-handled screwdrivers, you can easily trace the inspection date.

  • Individual production steps from incoming to final inspection
  • Declaration of raw materials: Includes information on the material, supplier, delivery date, and results of inspection
  • Information dating back to 1992 is available in our database

    Continuous advancement 

    At PB Swiss Tools, we are dedicated to constant improvement and showcasing our innovative spirit:

    • We actively seek out steel alloys with enhanced effectiveness and long-lasting performance.
    • We continually optimize ergonomics and enhance handle designs.
    • We expand the capabilities of our handle materials to deliver added benefits for demanding tasks.

    Our commitment to Switzerland as a thriving industrial hub and innovation center has created numerous training and employment opportunities in the border region. Every year, we invest 20% of our turnover in the development of new products.

    PB Swiss Tools - Quality

    Investing in quality = Saving money

    Exceptional quality comes with a price tag, but it also offers long-term value. The cost-performance ratio is what truly convinces, and here's why:

    • Master craftsmen recommend PB Swiss Tools to their apprentices
    • Managers choose our brand products for efficient work
    • PB Swiss Tools are trusted companions during site relocations
    This mark of excellence stands as a testament to enduring quality and exceptional value, surpassing expectations with every use.

    For more information, visit us at

    PB Swiss Tools Corporate