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The perfect dimensional accuracy and the hard and tough special alloying make for precise, durable tools. The variety of long and short hex key L-wrenches, chrome-plated or powder-coated, with or without ball head, leaves nothing to be desired.

Good to know

Fully-formed ball head

Effortless screw handling in tight angles

Our precision ball point facilitates 30° screw adjustments. The integrated spring ring enhances holding force, ensuring secure grip in hard-to-reach spots. Discover our innovations for easy screw work.

Fully-formed ball head    
Safety Hex Key

Superior grip in wet or oily environments

Knurled shaft for enhanced non-slip properties, ensuring safety. Round shaft design for extended tool fatigue strength.

Safety Hex Key    

Explore our tools in action

watch engaging videos with examples from various sectors, industries, and applications. Discover the versatility of our products today.

Tailored accuracy

Our L-wrenches boast tolerances finer than a human hair, ensuring a flawless fit in every screw.

We guarantee precision beyond ISO standard specifications, making our products exceptionally accurate.