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Color Code

The original color code. Often copied, never matched.

Back in 2000, we revolutionized the market with our unique color coding system. Our vibrant color codes empower you to quickly locate the perfect size or tool type, saving you valuable time in your day-to-day work. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our precise color coding system.

9 RainBow hex key L-wrenches on a black background.

Effortless workplace organization

Embrace the vibrant world of PB Swiss Tools RainBow hex key L-wrenches, featuring eye-catching colors that not only please the eye but also streamline your work. With each size color-coded, the right tool is instantly within reach.

For hex head screws in inch sizes, our PB Swiss Tools key L-wrenches cover a range from 1⁄20" to 5⁄16". The colors are thoughtfully assigned to differentiate them from the RainBow hex key L-wrenches in mm (metric dimensions).

Say goodbye to inaccessible screws thanks to the 100° angle and the ball head on the remarkably short key part. The trusted RainBow color coding system enables you to identify the desired size swiftly.

Our internationally acclaimed RainBow collection extends to Torx® screws, with key L-wrenches available in sizes 6 – 25. Choose individual tools or opt for a set complete with a convenient plastic holder, ensuring your tools are always neatly organized.

Rainbow hex key L-wrench

Six rainbow parallel pin punches on a black background.

Instantly Recognizable Tool Sizes

Behind the captivating powder coating lies the epitome of excellence. A specially alloyed steel known for its exceptional hardness and remarkable elasticity, ensuring your work is conducted with utmost safety. Should the parallel pin punches face excessive force, their elastic and plastic deformation properties prevent abrupt breakage, providing you with a reliable warning beforehand.

Rainbow parallel pin punches

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