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Work with the best.

145 years of family history and success stories

Entrepreneurial audacity, incomparable quality, Swissness, consistent investment in sustainable developments and our innovative spirit have made us what we are today: a global market and quality leader in the field of tool development and manufacture.

Day in, day out, our 200 or so employees do their utmost to further develop both our company and our products, helping to write the next chapter of our success story. Our thoughts and actions are dominated by the goal of conserving natural resources and further reducing our ecological footprint.

Sustainable development as the company philosophy

Our founders and owner families have always invested in sustainability. The stated goal: to conserve natural resources and to further develop the company as well as our products in consideration of people and the environment. On the one hand, our products are so tough, they are almost indestructible, because the most sustainable tool is the one that only has to be made once. On the other hand, we have managed to make remarkable progress in production too: every week, we save more than 80,000 liters of water thanks to the cyclic water system introduced in 2012. Since 2015, we have also been saving 50,000 liters of oil every year by completely eliminating fossil fuels from our company. Around 50 percent of our plastic packaging has been replaced by high-quality cardboard. What's more, we have made a voluntary commitment to actively reducing our CO2 emissions and improving our energy efficiency. A solar system is being planned for the roof of our factory.

“Conserving natural resources and accepting our responsibility for the environment and future generations remain two of our major goals.”

Marco Baumann, CTO

A tradition of innovation

Over the past 145 years, we have developed from a traditional village smithy into a global market and quality leader in the field of tool development and manufacture. Paul Baumann's (PB) equally innovative and spirited decision to buy an injection molding machine from America in 1953 laid the cornerstone for the success of our family-owned company. Every single day, we do everything in our power to use our experience and competence for other sectors too and to find new innovative solutions and applications.

“Expanding our core competencies in the interests of new customers and markets creates added value for all of our stakeholders. Challenges further our ability to find solutions by changing our point of view and to learn from these.”

Eva Jaisli, CEO

We are particularly proud of the longstanding and trusting collaboration with our contractual partners around the world. This close contact with users makes a significant contribution towards the constant further development and improvement of our products.

Outstanding Swiss quality

Some 400 tons of high-grade steel according to our own recipe are used to manufacture 13 million innovative tools and instruments at our two sites in Switzerland every year. These meet the highest requirements of their users with regard to accuracy, durability and reliability. It is no coincidence that our value proposition is “work with the best.” Anyone who buys one of our 3,000 products knows that it is well-engineered and ergonomically perfect. It's a purchase for life, and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

A sustainable employer

We develop and manufacture uncompromisingly at our own facilities in Switzerland out of conviction, because securing and increasing the number of jobs and apprenticeships in the Emmental region is something that is particularly close to our hearts. Diversity is part of our company philosophy and a commitment in the recruitment and promotion of young talent. We aspire to offering our employees meaningful work in a contemporary, informal and respectful environment. And it makes us even prouder to know that many of them have been loyal to us for decades, and in some cases even over generations.