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Special Products

Our solutions for specific applications can match the toughest requirements. They are reliable companions for carrying out day-to-day work safely and efficiently – and they are a joy to use.

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Special tools

For industrial, DIY and hobby applications

They are the reliable companions for the safe, efficient performance of daily work. These products possess the familiar PB Swiss Tools qualities of precision, hardness, toughness, highest regularity and perfect finish.

In addition to our proven file handles, awls, reamers and scribers, we have developed special tools for the automotive sector, including hose pluckers, clip clamp tools for interior linings, PickTools for sealing elements, valve screwdrivers, etc.

Special tools    

The Swiss quality guarantee

We are uncompromising concerning the production of outstanding quality. For this reason, we manufacture all of our brand products at our production location in Switzerland "100 % Made in Switzerland". We continue to pursue this strategy.

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